Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My birsday

Oh, it was a fun birthday this year.
Can't believe how close I am to 30. At least the skin is looking tip top. I don't look older than 25.

Dinner was real nice last week. All of my mates went to the Regis Room at the Beach Rd. It was a little hard to swing because they have some dumb rule- "We don't serve a table of more than 15 people after 7.30", so we just split into 2 tables that were side by side. Not a bad effort.

All my favourites were there and it was an excellent finish to a great day (which started with meetinigs at 7.30am). But...my thinkings on birthdays are that it's just another day, so all day I was pleasantly surprised with flowers and treats. Thanks to those that sent them.

I got a present from Tiffanys from everyone which was so nice. I didn't even want to open it, I just wanted to look at the bag and the box all night!

I even had a tantrum at the end of the night, because some dude spilt a bit of wine on my skirt, I lost my tiara and I really just wanted to throw a glass across a table. That was fun too. See, just take the day as it comes.

And then I went home.

Now this week is this party! It's for Deb, Eb, Deb, Deb, Leb, Neb, Steb, Yeb and Boogie. Yay.
If you haven't yet RSVP'd, please send an email to RSVP Peppermint.
Should be some GREAT stories from the night, so stay posted.

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Eb said...

Best 'fuck off' face ever!